Be HIP! (High Impact Performers)
Patrick and Rachel Perez
Leadership and Motivation

When two powerhouses come together you can expect GREAT THINGS for Your Team! In this incredible leadership and motivational keynote Award-Winning Speaker Patrick Perez and his wife, The Motivational Maven Rachel Perez, bring high energy and powerful leadership principles to excite, engage and empower your audience! This power duo will equip your team or audience to BE High Impact Performers! A high impact performer knows who they are, knows where they’re going and knows how to get there. Rachel and Patrick share a combined 30 years of leadership experience which will leave your audience with the tools needed for:

+ Effective Leadership

+ Interpersonal Communication Skills

+ Winning as a Team

+ Goal-Setting


HIP Culture and Employee Engagement
Patrick and Rachel Perez

Navigating change and building a resilient team culture take center stage in this energizing and engaging keynote with practical ideas to re-engage employees at work. Perfect for any organization going through any sort of change or simply in need of a boost of morale and employee buy in.


Creating a HIP Salesforce
Patrick and Rachel Perez

Rachel and Patrick share high performance strategies to energize and engage your salesforce as they learn how to achieve the next level of performance, productivity, and profitability in their sales oriented activities. Your employees will  learn how to:

+Use empathy to win the customer experience

+ Leverage self-care to achieve more in their professional roles

+ Set personal and professional goals


Break Through to Success: Powerful Growth Through Purpose and Goals
Patrick Perez

America’s Hype Man and award-winning Hispanic speaker Patrick Perez brings unmatched energy and motivation with his unique and interactive style. Give your audience an upbeat and content rich show that will not only excite, but energize them to take action and push towards their professional and personal goals! For over a decade Patrick has been a sought out speaker for leadership events across the country! He has been a featured speaker for the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, City of Houston, Future Business Leaders of America’s National Leadership Conference, Comfort Keepers International Summit and The National Guard Family Programs National Leadership Conference. Patrick’s charisma draws audiences into his stories and leadership lessons. Audiences are given a safe space take an introspective look into their own life stories and take the necessary steps to take ownership of their goals and break through their setbacks. This is motivation with caffeine!

W.I.L.L. Power!- (Winners In Lasting Leadership)
Rachel Perez

With over 15 years in corporate leadership roles (overseeing teams as large as 200) Rachel Perez shares applicable lessons, tips and strategies for being a more effective leader. What defines a great leader? How can we service the internal motivations of others while having a common goal? Winners in Lasting Leadership will help your team members and audience understand that true, lasting leadership is others focused, not self-focused.

Rachel shares solid leadership principles that can help increase workplace culture, empower employees to become leaders and set leaders on an upward track to long-term success. Audiences will learn:

+ The power of empathy

+ Identifying internal motivations

+ Effective team-working strategies

+ Effective communication

+ 4 Things NOT TO DO as a leader